the game


A financial board game definitely not to be missed! As investors in the game, players will have the ready capital on their hands and all they have to do is just to invest and maximize their returns! Through this game, players can gain better understanding about the financial world in regards to stock trading, bonds issuing, Initial Public Offering of companies (IPO), the trade-off between risks and returns as affected by world news and public events, and many more!

What's in it?

Learn to trade off between the risks and returns by investing in companies stocks and to buy/sell accordingly to the world news.

Be prepared to fall into the different risks and obstacles of the companies which you own, or get lucky by earning an Insurance card or fall into a safety zone area to sheer away from all risks.
There are chances to take up bank loan when fall short of cash, but be prepared to run the risk of paying interest.

Opportunities to earn more cash by answering correctly the" Give away" corporate financial questions and by taking in cash using the lucky dice throw or risk having to pay up as penalty.