the game


Just what makes Fundz for Fun so fun, addictive and attractive to people of all ages? The following list of features have been heavily invested into the educational board game:

  • Bonds
  • Ease your financing burden by purchasing a bond certificate. This bond gives you coupon payments each time you pass by 'Start' grid.

  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Merging or acquiring another bank? Get more returns from these merged/acquired banks (comparatively to individual companies which are not merged/acquired)

  • Stocks
  • Collect dividends each time you pass by 'Start' grid. Buy and sell shares with information supplied from News Flash cards.

  • Cash cards
  • Take a 'Cash card' each time you pass by 'Cash card' grid. Earn cash when you answer a financial question correctly.

  • Risk & Return
  • Take a 'Risk' card each time you pass by 'Risk' grid. If you're lucky, collect cash. Otherwise, pay to the bank.