the game

Winning strategy

This page is designed to help players gain an advantage over their competitive opponents so as to win the game. To ensure level playing field, the following information can also be found in the game guide.

Mergers & Acquisition

  • Merged companies generate more dividends at the end of each turn compared to two same individual companies.
  • Acquisition allows you to force take-over a company, albeit at a high cost. However, acquired companies generate more returns - similar to mergers between companies.


  • Players should assess their debt servicing ability before taking up financing. This helps to prevent default loan payments, which could result in liquidation of their assets in order to repay their debts.

The Insurance Card

  • You may want to set a maximum loss limit, such that you will only exercise the Insurance card when the loss incurred is greater than anticipated.

News Flash

  • Diversify your shareholdings portfolio by purchasing shares from different sectors. This helps to minimize your risk portfolio.