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How to play

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The game can contain up to a maximum of 6 players, with each players having a $50,000 capital on hand. Starting with the Banker, the players will take turns to roll the dice and the player with the largest number will begin first.

The players are to invest in companies from the different industries (as represented by the four colours on the board), which will allow them to become shareholders of the company before and after going public. There will be a minimum level of capitalization for the different companies as stated in their respective Pre-IPO cards and once the company hits the minimum level of capitalization, the controlling shareholder (owns more than 50% of the shares) can purchase an IPO card from the bank get his/her company listed. And depending on the Pre-IPO cards of the various companies, it will state the different minimum investment needed in order to acquire 1 lot of the company stake. 

For the game, each round passing by the “START” box on the board will represent a new financial year, and there will be many factors which the players have to take note once they passed a new financial year, such as getting paid dividends on the stocks they own, getting additional cash of $5000, and receiving their accrued bond coupon payment.

In the game, players are also to pick up a relevant card for the respective squares that they land on.For some squares on the board, they will require the players to pay an amount of money once they step on it, such as for the Director’s fee, an unlimited Audit fees as associated with the number of counters they own as stakes of the companies. While for the other times, the players will have the opportunities to earn more cash or risk losing their capital in boxes such as “Risk”, “Give or Take”, “Suspense Trading”, “Cash Cards”. However chances are also given for the players to safeguard their properties and interest, such as the Insurance cards and the “Safe zone area”.

Once the players think that they have accumulated enough capital and are controlling shareholders of a particular company, they can choose to purchase the M&A cards which can allow them to either merge with other company or to acquire another company.

An additional add on to the game is that, at any point of time when the players are short in cash, they have the chance to borrow from the banks in return to having to pay interest payment.

Download the game guide for full details